Happy World Gratitude Day!


Originally started in 1965, World Gratitude Day began at a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Sri Chinmoy, a meditation guru and the director of the United Nations Meditation Group. Mr. Chinmoy suggested celebrating gratitude as a globally unifying holiday. Since then the holiday has been observed annually on the 21st of September in many countries around the world. (source: http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/sm-13)

At My Grateful Life, we believe every day should be World Gratitude Day! However, on this special day, we’d like to remind everyone to take a moment to appreciate the things in your life and recognize that today, others from around the world will be adding to the positive energy by celebrating and practicing as well.

We decided to compile some of our older gratitude posts so you can mix up how you practice giving thanks. Happy WGD!

Gratitude Practice Ideas

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Idea! Gratitude Wall

Idea! Gratitude Jar

Journaling Gratitude

Gratitude Videos

Inspiration – A Good Day

The Four A’s for Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude Challenges

31-Days of Gratitude Messages

The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

The 30-Day Gratitude Challenge II


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