Grateful for the Earth

astronomy-discovery-earth-2422Earth day is approaching on Sunday, April 22nd! While the earth should be celebrated every day, we can show it some extra appreciation by consciously choosing to do some earth friendly activities this week.

Here are some ideas to show our gratitude to mother earth:

  • Take a mindful walk and admire the nature around you
  • Ride a bike instead of driving
  • If you need to drive, try carpooling or a carpooling service.
  • Plant or donate a tree
  • Start a garden
  • Educate yourself on the environment (ex: water and energy conservation, the status of endangered animals, climate change, etc..)
  • Participate in or organize a community clean-up (on land or by the water)
  • Find ways to fight air and water pollution
  • Learn more about recycling and/or visit a recycling center
  • Go paperless with all your mail
  • Learn how to compost at home
  • Join a program to protect trees, plants or animals
  • Buy earth-friendly products
  • Buy or make earth-friendly cleaning products
  • Be more conscious of the waste you produce
  • Sell, donate, or recycle old clothes and things instead of throwing them away
  • Watch an eco-friendly film 
  • Visit a science museum
  • Carry a reusable bag wherever you go shopping
  • Give up bottled water and carry a reusable water container
  • Spend more time outdoors 

Together we can make a positive impact on the earth.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”— Helen Keller

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