31-Days of Gratitude Messages

31-Days of Gratitude Messages
As we approach 2018, some of us may be reflecting on the goals we set this year – what we’ve accomplished, what we haven’t, the pressures of the upcoming holidays, family gatherings, New Year’s resolutions and so on…

The end of the year can be stressful reminding us how important it is to focus on gratitude and living in the present moment. This inspired our 31-Days of Gratitude Messages challenge for the month of December.

The purpose:

To ring in the New Year with a heart filled with gratitude.

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What You Need:

How to Play:

The challenge is to find something to be grateful for in everything.

  • Write your heartfelt message of gratitude directly to the person -or- thing listed on each date of the calendar. (ex: Dear Sofa, I appreciate your warmth and love after a long day out. I can always count on you to make me feel comfortable. Most of all, I enjoy falling asleep in your arms.)
  • You decide how long you would like your message to be from one sentence to ten pages.
  • There may be some subjects that you find difficult to express appreciation for but we urge you to think positively and creatively when you write your message.
  • After completing each message, you may keep them for yourself -or- extra points if you send the note to the person you are writing to, if applicable.


  1. Be genuine.
  2. Have fun!

Feel free to share any of your messages here with us. Happy gratitude messaging!

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