Straddling the Life of Mindfulness


To live a life of gratitude, we can begin with mindfulness. Being mindful means being aware of life by slowing down your breath for observation, being an outside observer to your emotions and remembering to appreciate the world around you.

Mindfulness is a skill that takes time to learn. It’s a process that is ongoing and a habit that gets easier only after practicing it over time.

If you are in this transition, like most of us, you may find yourself straddling the wall of old habits and this new world of gratitude and mindfulness. All of us have been so programmed into our daily grind that we wake up and immediately think of what we need to do for the day. We plan, organize and hit the ground running.

Mindful living suggests we wake up, and before even moving, feel our breath, notice the beautiful morning light coming through the cracks of the blinds and feel our body as it slowly awakens from its evening slumber. It also helps to do a short 5-10 minute morning meditation, such as a body scan, to feel the sensations of our bodies from head to toe. If thoughts distract you while meditating, it’s okay and completely normal. Just gently bring your focus back to your body and breath.

If you missed that morning mindfulness, move on to the next event, perhaps breakfast mindfulness. Take in a whiff of what’s cooking, savor the taste and texture of your food and feel that morning tea trickling down your throat.

You have a chance to be mindful in every moment of your life. If you miss one moment, don’t sweat it, there is always another one. Eventually, we want to train ourselves to live mindfully moment to moment. Soon with practice, thoughts of appreciation and happiness will flow into your life.

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