Gratitude Year-End Letter

2016 is coming to an end today and there’s no better way to close the year than with a year-end gratitude letter. It’s easy to forget all the things we should be grateful for so writing your gratitudes down can help boost and preserve those memories.

Similar to the year end letter that people sometimes enclose in their holiday cards, a gratitude letter should feature all the things in 2016 that brought you happiness and made you feel all warm inside. From a hike in the Grand Canyon to a stranger’s kind words, include anything that you were thankful to experience. It may help to go through your calendar or photos from January through December to jog your memory of events and the people who added to your life.

When you are finished, post the letter somewhere for yourself to see or share it with others if they were a part of what made you thankful for the year.

Happy 2017 with peace and love from the My Grateful Life Team

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